Incorporating Seminars In Your Online Business

Did you know that there lies a HUGE profit source in your internet business that you may have NEVER thought of before? It’s true. I even still wonder why I’m not using this strategy I my online business today. Now while I’m all busy with consulting and managing my paid newsletter, I still would love the chance to implement this one aspect of internet marketing into my business. It’s so profitable.So what strategy am I talking about? I’m talking about the “seminar” business. You can easily charge $1000 for a seminar, and host a 100 person seminar to attend. Do you see the math on this? If you were charging $1000 for a 100 person seminar, and it jut so happened that you were able to fill all the seats for a seminar… you would earn $100,000 from the seminar alone.This means that if you did nothing at all everyday in your online business (well maybe some light advertising)… you could earn $100,000 a year from using this technique alone. But to make your seminar a success, you have to plan ahead about where you want to host your seminar, and how you want to host it.Will you serve food and drinks at your seminar? Will you provide them with notebooks for them to take notes? Do you have a venue in mind that you will want to use? Will it be a 2-day seminar or a 3-day seminar? Figure out all of these things plus the cost of putting it all together. Once you’ve figured all of these things out, you will want to put your plan into action.Now you will have to plan and promote your seminar months in advance. You should mention it in your products, on your website, in the signature of your email newsletter, as Google AdWords ads, and other ways to promote your seminar on the internet. You can literally make this into a huge business that you conduct year after year after year.Another thing that you will want to do is to turn your seminar into a future product that you can sell – for people who didn’t attend. You could record your seminar on DVD’s, record the audios for it on CD’s, and even contain a manuscript of the entire seminar for those who would rather read the material. All of these things can be combined to become a product that you can sell for around $300 or $400.The seminar business is a big deal, and you will want to make sure that you include it as part of your internet marketing campaign. It’s just another way to make a ton of money in your business if you want to sit back and take things easier someday. It’s a great profit source, and it’s something that you should seriously consider – because you can make a lot of money from it… all within just 3 days.Like I said, promote your seminar everywhere. Promote it to your customers, past clients, prospects in your lead funnel, and all over your website. Plus when they meet you in person, they will be more than happy to see you finally, and to connect with you on a personal level. This is what a single seminar can do, and you will want to do some back of the room selling also.Use these seminar marketing tips and take them to earn more money in your online business today.Good luck with using seminars in your online business today.